Free National Professional Certification

Become a Certified National Professional Housing Provider

What Is It?

  • National education-based certificate program to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the holder 
  • Sponsored and overseen by National REIA 

Why Work Towards It? 

  • Shows your commitment to education 
  • Sets you apart from the people who don’t carry it 
  • Provides you with the basic educational tools to help you achieve your business and investing goals 

How to Earn Course Credit? 

  • From attending our General and Sub-Group meetings (when applicable) 
  • Events Sponsored by National REIA and other REIA organizations participating in the program 
  • Special training sessions including Boot Camps, Seminars, Webinars, and Teleconferences, that’s right, earn credit right from the comfort of your home!

What is The Cost?

There are no additional costs for segments presented during our monthly meetings; this is just another outstanding benefit of being an ECREIA member!

Course of Study

The course of study will be divided into 43 clock hours of core courses and 17 hours of elective topics for a total of 60 hours of formal education. The following chart will highlight the specific areas of education that will be required.
Topics of Study  Hours of Training Required 
Appraisal  2 hours 
Contract Law 3 hours 
Ethics 2 hours 
Fair Housing Law  2 hours 
Finance 6 hours 
Inspections 2 hours 
Insurance 3 hours 
Landlord Tenant Law 2 hours 
Management  4 hours 
Marketing 2 hours 
Negotiation 3 hours 
Purchasing 2 hours 
Rehab – Classroom 2 hours 
Rehab – Hands-on 2 hours 
Regulations – EPA 1 hours 
Regulations – Federal 1 hours 
Regulations – Local 2 hours 
Tax Law – Income 1 hours 
Tax Law – Other (Property Taxes, IRC1031, etc… ) 1 hours 
Plus electives to include further education in any of the above topics 17 hours 
Total Hours 60 hours 

Certification Award


Upon the successful completion of the above curriculum, you will be presented the following certificate during one of our ceremonial segments of our meeting. In addition, your name will be listed on our website as a NaPHP Program Graduate.
For additional information on this exciting program, download the NaPHP Certificate Overview