Code of Conduct

ECREIA Code of Conduct Policy

In order for East Coast REIA to maintain the highest level of integrity possible, our Officers, Board, Sponsors, and Members are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct policy. Individuals and companies who do not comply may face termination of their membership. By signing our membership application, you have agreed to conduct yourself in accordance with our Code of Conduct Policy.


  1. All Members must carry themselves professionally and ethically and should act as a positive role model for fellow ECREIA members seeking your expertise and opinion. You will not malign other members. 
  2. If you become aware of members who are not operating their business in the spirit of our Code of Conduct policy or engaging in illegal practices, you will inform the ECREIA Officers. 
  3. You will not provide any “member only” benefits to a non- member. 
  4. If you are recommending services and/or products to members and non-members and receiving compensated in the form of cash or other means, you shall disclose this fact as part of the recommendation. 
  5. If you are offering services, products, and paid advice to members and non-members, you must have all of the federal, state, and local required licenses and insurance in place. 
  6. Members shall avoid at all times placing themselves in a position of a conflict of interest. 
  7. You will provide safe and sanitary housing as required by law. You will keep yourself informed on laws governing housing. 
  8. Members will not discriminate against any person for reasons of race, age, religion, creed, sex, country of origin, marital status, or disability and any other protected classes set forth by federal, state, and local law.