Earn a Free Membership

As a great way for you to earn membership credits and help ECREIA build our organization,
we encourage you to participate in our exciting Member Rewards Program.


Here’s How It Works

For each new person that enrolls in our membership from your referral, you will receive a $20 credit!

  • Any Member Rewards earned that is over the annual membership fee will be credited for the following year membership or applied to any special event admission hosted by ECREIA. 
  • Referred new member must be someone who has not attended our meetings in the past 
  • Just make sure you name appears on the membership application form from the person you are referring where it asks “Referred By” 
  • Only paid members can receive Member Rewards 
  • Member Rewards are credited after the referred member has paid their membership fee and a application was submitted and accepted 
  • On a quarterly basis, we will issue you a check for your earned credits and it will be sent to the address of record